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April 12, 2017

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WineStation Pristine PLUS Wine Preservation System now available at!

WineStation Pristine PLUS Wine Preservation System

Enhance the level of luxury in your wine room, kitchen or home bar with the WineStation Pristine PLUS Wine Preservation System now available at! Revolutionizing the way we enjoy, experience and serve wine, this system is unmatched in functionality and form. Sleek, sophisticated and perfect for entertainment, WineStation's unique design allows for effortless placement on your countertop or seamless installation into your cabinetry, plus its customizable, high resolution LCD display provides a crystal clear reading of your wine information.

At we understand how valuable your wine collection is to you and the importance of a preservation system with superior performance. With preservation capability of up to 60 days, you are able to extend the pleasure of your beloved bottles well beyond the 5-7 day average of a regular refrigerator or counter top and its 5 clean pour dispensing heads maintain freshness and enable you to change your bottles quickly and easily. The Pristine PLUS, offering three pour size options: taste, half, or full glass affords you the flexibility to pour your desired amount for any occasion and its thermo electric cooling system is not only energy efficient, but ensures your wine is always at the perfect temperature.

Explore the WineStation Pristine PLUS page at and enhance the way you enjoy your wine!


                            WineStation Pristine PLUS Wine Preservation System        WineStation Pristine PLUS Wine Preservation System


January 24, 2017

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Why A Wine Refrigerator?

N'FINITY PRO Double S Wine Cellar (Full Glass Door)
If you're like us you've probably stored your wine in your regular refrigerator, cupboard or even on your counter top without realizing there's a better way. Why is a wine refrigerator better than those other options for your wine? Here's 3 top reasons:
  • Storing wine at the proper temperature according to its type ensures the best possible taste for your favorite wines.
  • If you have a large collection, plan to store your wine for a longer period of time or both, a wine refrigerator provides the perfect condition to preserve the quality of your wine so that it does not spoil which can save you money.
  • Optimal temperature for most white wines is warmer than your refrigerator should be and "room temperature", a term widely used for optimal temperature for most red wines, actually originated from the time of French castles and chateaus, but is now highly subjective depending on where you live. Having a separate wine refrigerator allows you to enjoy your wine instantly at its ideal temperature according to type without you having to wait for it to warm up or cool down while also frees up valuable space in your regular refrigerator, cupboard or counter top!
January 24, 2017

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VinGardeValise Now Available at!

VinGardeValise® Petite 02 is proud to announce the arrival of the luxurious VinGardeValise Wine Carriers! Sleek and sophisticated, these wine carriers are not only easy on the eyes, they're easy on your bottles too.
Featuring a 100% polycarbonate shell and dense closed-cell foam they offer your bottles maximum protection plus new asymmetrical Hinomoto wheels and a lift handle at the bottom make loading and maneuvering a breeze. They also have stronger burst straps constructed with automotive seatbelt material to ensure even more safety and security! Available in the 12 Bottle Grande and 8 Bottle Petite in a variety of colors, these wine carriers are a must have for anyone from the wine lover to the wine professional.


December 01, 2016

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Host Your Perfect Holiday Party with help from!

Looking for the perfect piece to show off at your holiday party? We've got some units that will not only add style and convenience to any special event, but will work great for you all year round. Plus enjoy special offers and freebies included
with your purchase!
Get ready to entertain in style with the Howard Miller 695-080 Bar Devino Wine & Bar Cabinet. Its storage drawers can hold up to 28 wine bottles of your favorite wine and serving is a snap with the fixed bottle opener, removable catch basket, and the towel bar attached to the inside of the cabinet's center doors. Place your FREE stemless wine glasses included with purchase on top and your instantly ready for your guests to arrive!
(White Glove Shipping is also included with purchase.)
The Howard Miller 695-002 Cabernet Hills Wine & Bar Cabinet also includes 4 FREE stemless wine glasses and White Glove Shipping with purchase and its Worn Black finish will add a touch of style to your decor. Adjustable shelves allow you show off your sparkling stemware and two drawers allow you to stash those extra accessories. Plus the top is perfect mixing for your favorite drink and displaying your tasty snacks.
Wine Enthusiast Siena Wine Credenza (Walnut) with Wine Refrigerator
The stunning Wine Enthusiast Siena Wine Credenza (Walnut) with Wine Refrigerator includes your choice of a 28 bottle wine refrigerator, 24 bottle dual zone wine refrigerator, or Evolution Series beverage center designed to fit in your credenza so you and your guests can enjoy their beverages at the perfect temperature no matter how long your party lasts! Plus enter code save50 at checkout to get $50 off your purchase and FREE White Glove Shipping (reg. $425 ea.)
Happy Holidays from!
November 17, 2016

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Tote Your Wine in Style with Wine Luggage from!

Classic 8 Pack Wine Carrier with Wheels - WineCruzer

Have you every been on a lovely vacation, wine tasting perhaps, and wished you could bring home a bottle or more of that delicious wine you just enjoyed?  Or are you a wine professional that regulary needs to transport your wine without worry? Thanks to the invention of wine luggage you can and offers a variety of wine luggage options to suit your travel needs. Why wine luggage? Having the option to transport your wine yourself back from your destinations is the perfect option if you're a wine lover, collector or a professional in the wine industry. By bringing back bottles from your travels you get a chance to relive those special moments you had abroad and/or develop a tasty and exotic collection that you wouldn't otherwise be able to.  And for the professional, you can transport bottles to your clients with confidence. In addition, wine luggage affords you the option to provide the perfect gift for a friend or loved one without those expensive shipping costs. Obstacles that may have stopped you before such as breakage, spilling, spoilage are now a thing of the past as our wine luggage encompasses sturdy technology that is also convenient and easy to use and transport. Take a look at some of our favorites!

12 Pack PRO Wine Carrier with Wheels - WineCruzer

Also available in 8 and 24 bottle designs the WineCruzer 12 Pack Pro Wine Carrier features a THERMALLY INSULATED CLOSED CELL FOAM INTERIOR that cradles your bottles at placement temperature for six to eight hours and at 30,000 feet.

Plus its HEAVY DUTY EXTERIOR WALLS PROVIDE MAXIMUM PROTECTION against impact, vibration and thermal shock. It even has exclusive PULL OUT HANDLE AND WHEELS offer additional convenience for travel and packing.

 The Wine Check bag WITH Shipper

 The Wine Check Bag WITH Shipper features durable, high quality Cordura nylon, reinforced stitching, 1 inch padded sides, top, and bottom, full zippered top for easy access, carrying handles and pull strap with wheels.  It is foldable when the shipper box is removed, so it can easily fit inside your travel luggage, and all widely available cardboard or Styrofoam insert wine shippers (12 bottle) will fit inside once you arrive at your first winery.

Check out the rest of our Wine Luggage collection at!




September 23, 2016

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Check Out What's New at! has been hard at work adding new items to our site and we want you to have first access to all of them!

First up are the Howard Miller Wine Cabinets and Bar Consoles: Beautifully crafted wooden units that display your collection effortlessly. Howard Miller wine cabinets range in size and color so you'll have no problem choosing one that suits both your storage and decor needs. Some include stemware racks, cutting boards and even wheels! And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, all of the models also include FREE white glove delivery!

Here's just two of the many must-see models that we've highlighted for you:

Howard Miller 690-000 Piedmont Wine & Bar Cabinet

Showcase your sophisticated style with the stunning Howard Miller 690-000 Piedmont Wine & Bar Cabinet. Its Rustic Cherry finish on select hardwoods and and veneers, lightly distressed for an aged appearance, affords a showstopping addition to your home! With a Touch-Lite adjustable light switch (upper right hinge on lower door) offering four levels of lighting: low, medium, high, and off, your bottles will always be displayed beautifully while its adjustable glass shelf allows you to flaunt your sparkling stemware. Plus, its spacious lower cabinet features a metal wine rack with a capacity of 13 bottles, and two fixed shelves, enabling you to arrange your collection as you see fit as well as store your spirits, mixers, and bartender's guides. Best of all, this traditionally styled Wine & Bar cabinet combines plentiful storage with a convenient space-saving corner design so your wine is always easily accessible and ready to enjoy.

Get ready to entertain in style with the Howard Miller 695-016 Merlot Valley Wine & Bar Cabinet. With a distressed Vintage Umber finish and Worn Black finished posts, this demilune (half-moon) console will add a touch of character and charm to your home.  A curved glass front door lets you show off your sparkling stemware while its wood wine rack enables you to store up to 18 bottles of your favorite wine. Plus two side storage compartments allow you to stash those extra accessories and feature a fixed shelf for even more space. Place your best wine glasses and snacks on top of its beautiful black granite top and your instantly ready for your guests to arrive!

What else is new? You may be familiar with Wine Enthusiast's N'FINITY Series, but you may not know that they've launched brand new models that are sure to get your attention. What makes them so amazing? Wine Enthusiast has managed to improve their N'FINITY line even more by diligently taking in consumer feedback about their preferences. The result: a wine cellar that's better than ever:

Cabinet space: This new line offers even more cabinet space allowing you to fit even more bottles than before!

New Shelf Design: Along with a larger cabinet size for more storage, Wine Enthusiast knows you like variety in your wines so they improved the shelving, making it easier to accommodate different bottle sizes. The low profile scalloping of the shelving minimizes vibration and movement while the circular air vents allow ample airflow for optimum cooling.

Obtainable Luxury: Most importantly all of these new and improved features are included in a unit that's more affordable than comparable higher end units.

And just like the prior N'FINITY models, the new PRO LINE still offers:

* front venting so your unit can be built in to cabinetry or be placed anywhere you like

* cool blue LED lighting: Brilliant blue glow safely illuminates your bottles, showcasing your wine in style.

* dual temperature control allows you to store your reds and whites harmoniously in the same unit

* Intuitive digital climate controls make it easy for you to set desired temperature

* charcoal filter (included) maintains proper humidity and ensures that fresh air circulates throughout the cabinet eliminating odors

* UV protected, reversible doors available in seamless stainless steel trim or smoked full glass doors.

The N'FINITY PRO Series offers a variety of different unit sizes to accommodate any storage needs!

Pictured: N'FINITY PRO S Dual Zone Wine Cellar (Full Glass Door)

Pictured: N'FINITY PRO LX Dual Zone Wine Cellar (Stainless Steel Door)


Check out our new additions and so much more at!


April 26, 2016

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Brand Spotlight: KingsBottle introduces our brand Spotlight blog series!  We feel it's important to give praise and recognition to brands that go above and beyond in quality, design and so much more. Who better to start with than KingsBottle! KingsBottle may not be as well known as other brands in the United States, but has already made quite the name for themselves in Europe, Asia and Australia. Celebrated for their quality and reliability they have put their 10 years of research to great use and created some truly exceptional units. Just this year in January 2016 they launched an entire new line of products plus increased their parts and labor warranty from 1 to 2 years!

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