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Latest New Trend: Furniture Style Wine Fridges!

Furniture style wine fridges are all the rage these days and we're seeing them everywhere. It's no wonder they're in such high demand as they embody the best of both worlds: not only do they allow you to store your wine at the perfect temperature, they also enhance your space with a beautiful piece of furniture that can blend seamlessly with your decor. Fans of this phenomenon include Judy Jacob who conveys her enthusiasm of the craze on
"Here's something for a wine connoisseur like me. Wine cooler cabinet furniture provides enough space and perfect temperature for wine. Many of the cabinets have cubby holes or racks to store the bottles, lighting and cupboards for glassware. Perfect if you're an aficionado of the burgundy drink."
Convinced you must have one? Well you're in luck as we've highlighted our favorites to help you with your decision. Behold, the star lineup of furniture style wine fridges: (drumroll please...)
Best All Around:
Firenze Wine and Spirits Armoire Bar with 32 Bottle Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator
Talk about having your cake and eating it too! We picked the Firenze because it truly has it all. Exquisite for entertaining, its mirror-back lighted cabinet boasts a convenient rack to flaunt your sparkling stemware and the 14 bottle wine rack is quintessential for those bottles you're not quite ready to chill yet. It comes complete with a 32 bottle wine fridge and a marble shelf, ideal for preparing your favorite garnish. This gem of a unit has a little something for everyone and will not disappoint. 
Small and Stylish:
Siena Single Wine Credenza with 24 Bottle Dual Zone or 28 Bottle Single Zone Wine Refrigerator.
Siena Single Wine Credenza with 24 Bottle Dual Zone Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator (Walnut)
Perfect if you want form and function plus have a small collection or space. Though small-scale, this single siena packs a punch, using all of it's space wisely to maximize chilling potential. Swap out your one dimensional side or end table and replace it with this classy piece that will do double duty for you. Best of all, the space atop your credenza will ensure your glass of wine is never far from reach.
(Pictured: Siena Single Wine Credenza with 24 Bottle Dual Zone Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator)
The Big Kahuna:
Siena Wine Credenza (Walnut) with your choice of Two Wine Refrigerators, Two 24 Bottle Wine Refrigerators or Two Evolution Series Beverage Refrigerators.
Go big or go home as they say and that's exactly what you'll do with this showstopping unit. Two 28 Bottle Wine refrigerators and three rolling wood shelves holding up to 9 bottles each offer paramount storage wrapped in rich, elegant woodwork. Stash your corkscrews and silverware in the deep rolling top drawer and showcase your stunning stemware, decanters and snacks atop your spacious credenza for a finishing touch. Though we love it's stunning presence, we understand it may be too grand for everyone thus we spotlight the Siena Mezzo (Walnut) or (Nero). True to it's name (mezzo meaning half in Italian), this piece presents the same look at half the size.
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