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Brand Spotlight: KingsBottle introduces our brand Spotlight blog series!  We feel it's important to give praise and recognition to brands that go above and beyond in quality, design and so much more. Who better to start with than KingsBottle! KingsBottle may not be as well known as other brands in the United States, but has already made quite the name for themselves in Europe, Asia and Australia. Celebrated for their quality and reliability they have put their 10 years of research to great use and created some truly exceptional units. Just this year in January 2016 they launched an entire new line of products plus increased their parts and labor warranty from 1 to 2 years!
(Pictured from left to right: KBU-170COMBO-BW3, KBU-56A-SD, KBU-100W-FG)
What they offer: The KingsBottle brand offers a variety of wine refrigerators, beverage refrigerators and wine and beverage refrigerator combos so no matter what you're looking for, they have the unit that's perfect for you. They've even gone so far as to surpass the dual zone we all know and love to offer a triple, yes triple, zone wine and beverage center! Why choose KingsBottle? They've covered all of their bases to ensure their products have quality parts, unrivaled function and all of the bells and whistles afforded from their must-have features.
Noteworthy Features: KingsBottle units include high-end digital display controllers, that are not only easy to read and use, but also ensure your wine is always ready to enjoy at the perfect temperature with just the touch of a button.
Just as crucial in maintaining proper temperature are the shelves under which your bottles rest. KingsBottle's rich, wooden shelves embody both form and function ensuring even, consistent cooling for your precious collection while also going the extra mile to accommodate Champagne or Sparkling Wine bottles so you can maximize your storage space. Also sturdy and warp resistant, they'll hold their shape and look stunning for years to come.
Underneath their top-quality, wooden shelves lies yet another layer of excellence: steel ball-bearing rollers. These rollers allow you to store as well as access your bottles with ease so that perfect bottle to pair with dinner is always resting comfortably and never far from reach. In addition, KingsBottle knows the importance of preserving the quality and taste of your wine by shielding it from harmful light. With their UV double layered coated glass, your wine is always protected from both incandescent and fluorescent light sources.
KingsBottle truly strives to offer the best of everything in all of their wine refrigerators, beverage refrigerators and combos. We've taken notice and you should too! Click here to see KingsBottle's full collection.




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