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Classic 8 Pack Wine Carrier with Wheels - WineCruzer

Have you every been on a lovely vacation, wine tasting perhaps, and wished you could bring home a bottle or more of that delicious wine you just enjoyed?  Or are you a wine professional that regulary needs to transport your wine without worry? Thanks to the invention of wine luggage you can and offers a variety of wine luggage options to suit your travel needs. Why wine luggage? Having the option to transport your wine yourself back from your destinations is the perfect option if you're a wine lover, collector or a professional in the wine industry. By bringing back bottles from your travels you get a chance to relive those special moments you had abroad and/or develop a tasty and exotic collection that you wouldn't otherwise be able to.  And for the professional, you can transport bottles to your clients with confidence. In addition, wine luggage affords you the option to provide the perfect gift for a friend or loved one without those expensive shipping costs. Obstacles that may have stopped you before such as breakage, spilling, spoilage are now a thing of the past as our wine luggage encompasses sturdy technology that is also convenient and easy to use and transport. Take a look at some of our favorites!

12 Pack PRO Wine Carrier with Wheels - WineCruzer

Also available in 8 and 24 bottle designs the WineCruzer 12 Pack Pro Wine Carrier features a THERMALLY INSULATED CLOSED CELL FOAM INTERIOR that cradles your bottles at placement temperature for six to eight hours and at 30,000 feet.

Plus its HEAVY DUTY EXTERIOR WALLS PROVIDE MAXIMUM PROTECTION against impact, vibration and thermal shock. It even has exclusive PULL OUT HANDLE AND WHEELS offer additional convenience for travel and packing.

 The Wine Check bag WITH Shipper

 The Wine Check Bag WITH Shipper features durable, high quality Cordura nylon, reinforced stitching, 1 inch padded sides, top, and bottom, full zippered top for easy access, carrying handles and pull strap with wheels.  It is foldable when the shipper box is removed, so it can easily fit inside your travel luggage, and all widely available cardboard or Styrofoam insert wine shippers (12 bottle) will fit inside once you arrive at your first winery.

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