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About Us is a husband and wife owned and operated, well established online company currently based in Las Vegas, NV with roots in Santa Barbara County, CA, the heart of the other wine country! After moving to Las Vegas from Lompoc, CA we came to understand that "room temperature" is quite a subjective term when it comes to storing and serving your wine. Storing our reds out on the counter or in a basic rack during the sweltering summer months left us with wine too warm to enjoy, and provided a poor environment to preserve wine that we planned to keep for any length of time. Not wanting our wine bottles to take up space in our regular fridge, we began to chill each bottle before opening. We knew there had to be a better way! While searching for wine refrigerators online, we came across mostly big box stores or other online retailers where wine coolers were just one of the many products that they sold. As these stores did not specialize in wine coolers, advice and recommendations of particular brands, features and other basic questions was lacking. We knew if we were having this problem, others were too!

Our mission is to offer the best selection of high quality wine refrigerator brands and styles available at competitive prices all in one place so that wine lovers all over the country can experience the joy of wine at the perfect temperature. All our products ship free and with suppliers nationwide you'll receive your item quickly and damage free. Each wine cooler is hand-picked and we are always on the lookout for new designs to add to our collection, so whether you want high end, furniture inspired coolers or countertop and eco-friendly, we have a wine refrigerator that will suit your needs!

The quickest, easiest way to contact us is to reach out via email. We value your business and want to ensure your experience with us is beyond a positive one.    

Our motivation comes not only from knowing that our customers receive the best possible prices, selection and shopping experience with us, but that they are also able to enjoy the feeling of wine country in their own home with a wine refrigerator from!








Wine Cooler 101
Having trouble understanding the different types of wine cooler refrigerators? Don't worry, we have put together a list that's sure to help!